TNT Napalm Resurgence – 620g


TNT Napalm Resurgence is a pre-workout that is based on a significant blend of Nootropic and Thermogenic performance acids.

Razor-sharp Mental Focus

The Billions of Neuro pathways are opened and stimulated to encourage a state of improved focus and enthusiasm.

By engaging these neurotransmitters, we are more focused and enthusiastic to perform physical tasks like resistance training.

The sensation of alertness and focus allows us to push ourselves further than we would and ignite an enthusiasm to train on days we would rather be elsewhere.

Smooth Workout Performance

This preworkout boasts a spectrum of over ten different Nootropic training aid ingredients.

This allows a broader base of receptors to be covered.

By doing this the uptake is improved and the deterioration of receptor sensitivity is diminished. By spreading the neuro stimulants, you are also less likely to crash.

Fully Dosed Ingredients

TNT Napalm Resurgence also features the industry proven pre-workout performance aids in the correct doses.

The blend of citrulline, Beta alanine, betaine and creatine all have proven training benefits in the area of muscle pump, recovery and output. This is why TNT put these proven ingredients in all their pre-workout formulations.

The performance specific amino acids are all dosed correctly to minimize fatigue, increase muscle volumizing and output while improving recovery between sets and post exercise.

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